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3D printer Bigemot — large format industrial printer

Professional Large-Format 3D Printer

Introducing the SL-1001 (FFF/FDM Technology) - Printing with Precision in Plastic

Empowering Your Ambitions with Our Large-Format 3D Printer
Allows printing molds of any complexity, press molds, test samples, master models, prototypes of parts according to drawings or data from files up to 1.2 cubic meters in size.

The printer features a powerful segmented heated bed with a solid 10mm tempered glass surface. It comes equipped with a fully integrated computer with pre-installed licensed software.
Unfazed by Heavy Loads
All components of the SL-1001 are industrially manufactured and designed for rigorous professional use. The printer's frame is metallic and modular, with a composite casing and rail-linear guides. The printer features a robust segmented heated bed with a solid 10mm tempered glass surface. Equipped with a fully integrated computer and pre-installed licensed software, this printer is engineered for demanding industrial applications.
Review of the Largest FDM Printer
The first review of the BIGEMOT printer is now available for viewing.
Why Choose BIGEMOT?
  • Speed
    Reduces the time from design to the finished product. Saves your time and resources.
  • New Possibilities
    Expands the technological capabilities of your production.
  • Reliability
    Years of printer operation experience with other clients speak to the high quality and stability of the equipment. We also provide a 12-month warranty for this model.
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